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ICU Best Practices for the Trauma Patient
Release and Expiration Dates
Released: 10/8/2020
Expires: 10/7/2026
Last Reviewed Date
10/8/2020, 10/6/2023
ICU Best Practices for the Trauma Patient

ICU Best Practices for the Trauma Patient is a TCAA course created from a previous live webinar which provides valuable guidance on crucial assessments needed to prevent complications and improve outcomes for the trauma patient in the ICU.
Estimated completion time:
60 minutes

Target Audience: The Trauma healthcare team and other clinical departments
Learning Objectives
At the conclusion of this course, the learner should be better able to:

1. Discuss current strategies to assess and manage pain in critically ill trauma patients.

2. Identify best practices to prevent complications in the intensive care unit.

3. Detail methods to improve communication among intensive care team members in order to maximize outcomes.

Faculty Presenter: Melody Campbell

Faculty Bio:

Dr. Melody Campbell is the Trauma Program Manager/Clinical Nurse Specialist at Kettering Medical Center.  Dr. Campbell earned a BSN and MSN with a concentration in Burn & Trauma Nursing from the University of Cincinnati.  She has published in critical care, emergency and trauma texts including the Trauma Nursing Core Course, Emergency Nursing Core Curriculum, and is a reviewer for the Journal of Trauma Nursing.  Dr. Campbell obtained her DNP from Wright State University with a dissertation focus on early mobility in the ventilated patient.


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Peer Reviewer
Scott Sagraves, MD
Gregory Flermoen, MD
Rondi Gelbard, MD
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Credit Offered:
1 CE Credit
1 COP Credit
1 TCAA CME Credit
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