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In-depth Review: Geriatric Head Injury
Release and Expiration Dates
Released: 06/04/2021
Expires:    06/03/2024
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TCAA 2021 Trauma University

Access the best of clinical expertise in TCAA's Trauma University. Session I provides an in-depth review of a complex geriatric falls case and addresses such clinical concerns as reversal agents, types of brain bleeds, delirium, fragility, medication management, prevention and mobility. 

Estimated completion time:
120 minutes
Target Audience: The trauma healthcare team and other clinical departments

Learning Objectives:
At the conclusion of this course, the learner should be better able to:
1. Discuss the role of injury prevention in geriatric falls 
2. Discuss reversal strategies for common anticoagulants 
3. Discuss the role of geriatrics in management of comorbidities, medications, and goals of care 

Moderator: Dr. Britt Christmas


Kim Barre
Ms. Barre has been a nurse for over 30 years, specializing in critical care. Kim was also the trauma/emergency surgery research coordinator, balancing up to 25 research studies. Currently, she is the trauma program manager for a level I trauma center, and works with hospitals in her health system on their journey to becoming ACS verified trauma centers. Kim is active in committees at the state, regional and national level.

Gail Gesin
Dr. Gesin completed her critical care pharmacy residency training at the Medical University of South Carolina. She joined Atrium Health in 2008 and has worked with the surgical-trauma critical care team. Her interests include anticoagulation reversal and ICU sedation. 

Stephen Johnson
Dr. Johnson is a Neurosurgeon at an academic level 1 trauma center in New Jersey, Robert Wood Johnson University Medical Center. He subspecialize in brain tumors, cranial nerve disorders, and minimally invasive spine surgery, while also serving as the site director for neurotrauma. Regardless of subspecialization, trauma is a critical responsibility within the scope of practice and education for all neurosurgeons. 

Mary "Maggie" DeVane
Dr. DeVane is a geriatrician working in an inpatient consulting role and also as a medical director for a long term care/subacute rehab facility. She is interested in identification and management of polypharmacy, geriatric syndromes, and ensuring goal-aligned medical care is provided to older adults. 

Laura Gamino
For the past 14 years, Laura has worked as the Injury Prevention Coordinator for Trauma Services at OU Health, which includes the University of Oklahoma Medical Center, the state’s only level 1 trauma center for adults; and, Oklahoma Children’s Hospital, the state’s only level 1 trauma center for children. She also contributes to research projects working toward improving trauma patient outcomes. Since 2017, Laura has been the coordinator of the Safe Kids OKC Metro Coalition. Laura is a certified Child Passenger Safety Instructor, participates in community car seat checks, and leads the bimonthly car seat checks at Oklahoma Children’s Hospital. She is also an Oklahoma Master Trainer for Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance. Laura co-chairs the Oklahoma Injury Prevention Advisory Committee. She is past chair of the TCAA injury prevention committee. Her favorite part of her work is focusing on the safety of our citizens with the goal of keeping them safe and out of the trauma center! 


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Kim G. Wallenstein
Kyle Cunningham
Allan D. Lamb
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