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Management of Psychological Impact: An Evidence-Informed Response to Stress
Release and Expiration Dates
Released: 12/15/2020
Expires: 12/14/2023
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Management of Psychological Impact: An Evidence-Informed Response to Stress

Management of Psychological Impact: An Evidence-Informed Response to Stress is a TCAA course created from the 4-part webinar miniseries: COVID, Mental Health and the Holidays. The course reviews literature on how COVID has affected healthcare workers and also provides tools and methods for stress first aid.

Estimated completion time:
60 minutes
Target Audience: The trauma healthcare team and other clinical departments

Learning Objectives:
At the conclusion of this course, the learner should be better able to:

1. Review current research related to COVID and healthcare providers and communities 
2. Identify signs and symptoms which are the difference between reacting to stress vs injured by stress 
3. List two ways the pandemic affects health care providers 

Faculty Presenters: Dr. Jessica George

Faculty Bio:

Jessica George is a clinical psychologist who started working at Parkland Hospital in 2009 as the first psychologist in the Dallas County Jail.  In 2011, she began her role as Trauma Psychologist and manager of the Trauma Psychosocial team at Parkland’s Rees-Jones level one trauma center.  She recently was promoted to the Director of Psychosocial Services for Trauma, Emergency Department, and Urgent Care Center.  She also serves on the steering committee for the hospital-wide employee peer support program.  Dr. George’s first job as a psychologist was at Parkland and after more than 10 years, she is looking forward to a long Parkland career.


Peer Reviewer
Paige Hargrove
Frannie Grissom


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Cost: FREE
Credit Offered:
1 CE Credit
1 COP Credit
1 TCAA CME Credit
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