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Pelvic Fracture Features
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Release Date: 11/21/2022
Expiration Date: 11/21/2025
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Pelvic Fracture Features

Program Overview

Ice, snow and pelvic fractures, seem to go together. In this course, you will learn from Kathy Cookman about her approach to coding pelvic fractures. Complete this course to learn or refine your practice for coding pelvic fractures.  

Estimated completion time:  >60 minutes

Target Audience: Registrars, PI and learners who want to expand anatomy and coding knowledge. 

Learning Objectives
At the conclusion of this course, the learner should be better able to:

1. Identify the different procedures/codes typically used for patients with pelvic fractures.
2. Explain the specific documentation required to code the different types of pelvic fractures
3. Describe the differences between ICD vs. AIS codes for Pelvic Fractures.

Moderator: Chris McEachin
Faculty Presenter: Kathy Cookman

Presenter Bio

Kathy has been involved in the trauma for over forty years in various capacities from pre-hospital, emergency department patient care, trauma data management, performance improvement and injury prevention. She has a Bachelor of Science in Health Management, is the founder and past-president of the Alliance of Ohio Trauma Registrars (AOTR), the founder and past-chairman of the Trauma Registrar Council of the American Trauma Society (ATS), is the CEO of KJ Trauma Consulting, LLC an ICD-10-CM/PCS instructor, CEO of KJ & JC Enterprises, LLC, recently achieved Florida Master Naturalist through the University of Florida. She is on the Board of Directors of the Calusa Waterkeeper and holds membership in various organizations and associations including AAAM, AHIMA, AOTR, ATD, ATS, FWC, STSA, and STN. She has published articles and presented several papers on a variety of trauma-related topics.

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