Spinal Cord Injuries Part 1: Pathophysiology, Pre-Hospital Care & Cord Protection
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  • Spinal Cord Injuries Part 1: Pathophysiology, Pre-Hospital Care & Cord Protection
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Release Date: 9/11/23
Expiration Date: 09/11/2026

Program Overview

According to SCIMS, in 2021, approximately 18,000 new Spinal Cord Injuries occur each year; these numbers only reflect those patients making it to the ED. Data from 2015 shows LOS has declined to an average of 12 days for inpatient care and 32 days for rehab. How many healthcare providers will care for an SCI patient over a 12-day stay? What education do they need? Based on evaluation data from the TCAA on-demand learning system, many healthcare providers have asked for additional education on spinal cord injuries. TCAA’s Education Committee has put together a seven-part series to provide education from EMS through Rehab. The series will conclude with sections on coding injuries and how to prevent them. The series will start in August and run through Spring of 2024. Each webinar will highlight healthcare providers from across the United States. 

Estimated completion time:  >60 minutes

Target Audience: Trauma Center Staff

At the conclusion of this course, the learner should be better able to:
  1. Describe the care of a trauma patient with spinal cord injuries
  2. Discuss the changes you can make with your processes to improve outcomes
  3. Describe the pathophysiology of spinal cord injuries

Moderator: Dr. Chris Kaufmann

Faculty Presenter: Eric Sribnick, Laura Holdren

Presenter Bio

Eric Scribnick, MD, PhD, is a pediatric neurosurgeon at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and principal investigator in the Center for Pediatric Trauma Research. He is also assistant clinical professor of neurological surgery at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. Dr. Sribnick has published more than 70 research publications, book chapters, reviews and case studies. His research and clinical interests focus on surgical and medical interventions for traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. 

Laura Holdren is a nurse educator and serves as the full-time coordinator for EMS Outreach and Education at Nationwide Childrens Hospital. She received her master’s in nursing education in 2017 from Western Governor’s University and is credentialed as an EMS continuing education instructor in the state of Ohio. She serves not only on internal QI/PI committees at NCH for emergency services, trauma and burn but also the local healthcare coalition COTS, and Ohio EMS for Children. Laura and the 2 paramedic instructors plus one emergency medicine physician comprise the EMS Outreach and Education team. The team provides 100-130 hours per year of pediatric CE education to community, private, and aeromedical EMS agencies in the central Ohio area.

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