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TEG Talk: Saving Lives Through Better Data
Release and Expiration Dates
Release Date12/29/2022
Expiration Date: 12/29/2025
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TEG Talk: Saving Lives Through Better Data

Program Overview

According to the May 2022 Ask Traumacare report, "Viscoeslastography (TEG/ROTEM) in Pediatric Trauma," 52% of the fourty-six centers responding do not have this resource available for the pediatric population. Several barriers to using TEG in the pediatric population include equipment, funding, and value. Tune in to the presentation by Dr. Howard Pryor and learn how you can implement TEG/ROTEM into your trauma program.

Estimated completion time:  >60 minutes

Target Audience: The Trauma healthcare team and other clinical departments.

Learning Objectives
At the conclusion of this course, the learner should be better able to:

  1. Identify the use of Thromboelastography
  2. Demonstrate the specific capabilities at Pediatric Level I Trauma Center
  3. Discuss the data available with the use of TEG in Trauma
  4. Describe the use of TEG in ECMO 

Moderator:  Leanne Young
Faculty Presenter: Dr. Howard Pryor

Presenter Bio

Dr Pryor is a board-certified pediatric surgeon with eight years of experience managing complex neonatal, pediatric abdominal, thoracic, and traumatic surgical conditions. He strives to be a respected leader while demonstrating expertise in leading multi-disciplinary clinical teams, including doctors, nurses, clinical, and administrative staff. He nurtures an understanding and rapport with patients and their families and leads family-centered rounds to ensure that the patient, the family, and all team members understand the care goals. Dr Pryor’s trainees and peers have recognized him for his effectiveness in leading surgical care teams through several Teacher of the Year awards and a Department of Defense Master Clinician Award. Dr Pryor is an established program builder with experience developing clinical training programs.


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